Support for Emotional & Social Development

At St Godric’s we are an inclusive school. We consult with a wide range of agencies and partnerships to ensure the Emotional and Social Development needs of all children, including SEN, are met.

Inspired by our mission statement ‘to love, respect and value each other’, we believe that high self-esteem is crucial and aim to support and promote the emotional wellbeing of all children. On a daily basis the class teacher is responsible for the pastoral and social care of every child in their class, therefore this would be the parents’ first point of contact should further advice or support be required. If further support is required, the class teacher liaises with the SENCO for further advice and support.

St Godric’s has and maintains close links with external partnerships and in order to access the best professional advice, we also work with the Local Authority and private providers of additional services, such as Occupational Therapy, CAHMS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) School Nursing Service, Social Services and Medical Professionals.

As a school we have a very positive approach to all types of behaviour with a positive reward system that follows a restorative approach to behaviour management. Children are awarded merit marks that are added up towards their house’s total with the winning House Team receiving extra playtimes. Children may also be nominated for a Class Teacher, a Head Teacher or a Teaching Assistant Award by staff and receive a certificate in front of the school. We also have separate award from each class which changes depending upon suggestions from our school council. This has been Super Spellers, Maths Champions, Fantastic Friends or other awards which may be given for academic or non-academic reasons, and often for things they do over and above the basic expectations in school. These systems are embedded across school and the children enjoy their celebrations and rewards at our weekly Celebration Assembly.