Curriculum – MFL

Welcome to our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum page.

At St. Godric’s, we teach French from Year 3 – Year 6.

From September 2023, we moved to a new programme of study.

This curriculum is shared by all primary schools in the Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust.

It draws on key recommendations from the Ofsted languages research report, which highlights the three key knowledge strands:

  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

The KS2 curriculum will lead seamlessly into the secondary school programmes once fully embedded in school.

As this is a new curriculum to us, the implementation will be a gradual approach.

2023-24                     Y3-6 will teach Y3 content

2024-25                     Y3 will teach Y3 content

Y4-Y6 will teach Y4 content

2025-26                     Y3 will teach Y3 content

Y4 will teach Y4 content

Y5 and Y6 will teach Y5 content

2026-27 onwards  Y3 will teach Y3 content

Y4 will teach Y4 content

Y5  will teach Y5 content

Y6 will teach Y6 content

Whole school Subject Overview French – 2023-24

Skills Progression document French 2023-24


You can find out more about our MFL curriculum by clicking on the link below: