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Our Class Teacher is Mrs Cunningham

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Melia

Class information:

Information booklet about EYFS

EB Curriculum evening 2023 HT Powerpoint 

YR Curriculum evening 2023-24



EYFS Curriculum Booklet 2022-23

EY Transition 2021


  • Here is the link for Ruth Miskin speed sounds

Reception Class News

EYFS November 2021
EYFS January 2022


Home Learning

Dear Parents
We understand that this a challenging time for everyone and that the practicalities of home learning may be difficult for a wide range of reasons. Please be assured that there are no expectations on the quantity of work that is achieved and that the guidance and suggested activities set out below have been chosen to support your child in home learning and are not there to add additional pressure or stress. Please complete as much or as little as you can and once your child returns to school, the staff will ensure they are fully supported in catching up on any missed learning.

Emergency home learning

EYFS Emergency Learning Sheet

Short term absence learning

Reception Short term absences

Self Isolation learning

This will be made available as the need arises

Lockdown Learning

EY Lockdown Learning Week beginning 4th January

Reception Lockdown Learning 11.1.21

Reception Lockdown Learning 18.1.21

Reception Lockdown Learning 25.1.21

Reception Lockdown Learning 1.2.21

Reception Lockdown Learning 8.2.21

Reception Lockdown Learning 22.2.21

Reception Lockdown Learning 1.3.21

Reception Lockdown Learning 12.7.21

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